Francesco Papa

FrancescoKenyaFrancesco Papa, degree in economy at Università La Sapienza in Rome, founded Victoria Media in 1998 after a long career as assistant director (Franco Zeffirelli, Mauro Bolognini, Gerard Oury, Robert Altman, Renny Harlin, Michael Lehman, etc.), casting director and production manager and, together with Surf Film and Filmax of Barcellona produced "IL TOCCO LA SFIDA" - The Touch – ( starring Imanol Arias, Franco Nero, Thomas Kretschmann and Ruth Gabriel, an Italian-Spanish co-production distributed by Medusa in Italy and sold in another 50 territories. The film, shot on location in Sitges, Barcellona, Chianciano and Rome is a modern re-make of "The Hustler" and "The Color of Money", in which the young female protagonist, disguised as a man, defeats the world champions of billiards. Francesco Papa worked also as Executive Producer.  (

Francesco Papa's long working experience with Mauro Bolognini, a world recognized director of films adapted from literature, led him to produce his second film "UNINVITED" (L'escluso), after having attained the rights of the novel of the same title published in Italy by Baldini & Castoldi. The film was distributed by Cecchi Gori and starred Vanessa Redgrave, Eli Wallach and Adam Hann-Byrd. Shot entirely in New York it was selected by more than thirty of the most prestigious film festivals and was sold around the world.


In 2001 he produced and direct the short feature "ACCHIAPPA E SCAPPA", a homage to the Italian Commedia, shot with the latest high definition technology. The film was selected by various film festivals in France, Germany, Canada and Italy. Music written and composed by Paul Freeman

Recent projects include a 30 minute pilot for the television series entitled "SALA PROVE", directed by and starring Jerry Calà.  The series follows the lives of a group of young students, their social and familial problems and how they find the tools necessary to confront life through their school of music. Music written and composed by Paul Freeman



Executive Producer for film, "Ustica, una spina nel cuore", a daring, new version of the DC9 Itavia tragedy reconstructed through the research of a courageous and determined journalist, directed by Romano Scavolini, starring Leandro Amato, Loredana Cannata, Edmondo Tieghi and produced by Ivatt Industries Ltd. Music written and composed by Paul Freeman



Line Producer for the RaiUno made for television movie "L'altra donna", directed by Anna Negri with Alessio Boni and Anita Caprioli, produced by Cineteam Srl.



- Docu-film "Che, the last hours",(60'), filmed in Bolivia and Argentina, directed by Romano Scavolini. World sales: Adriana Chiesa Enterprises. The truth on “Che” Guevara’s Assasination. - Official Panorama Selection – Berlin Film Festival 2004 - Music written and composed by Paul Freeman



- International production consultant/line-producer for Cinecittà Studios.

- Four commercials for Cisco System, produced by Pytka Production, director Joe Pytka,  location Rome, Pienza and Venice – Line-producer

- “White Night Rome 2004” – producer of 4 short films and a backstage for Filmmaster and Zetema. Director: Marco Pontecorvo, Francesco Apolloni, Miniero & Genovese, Luca Lucini

- 2005

- International production consultant/line-producer for Cinecittà Studios.

- Line-producer: Commercial “Johnny Walker” director Paolo Calcagni, Leo Burnett Beirut produced by Interactive Spa

- Line-producer: Commercial EMT director  Hector Abuenza, produced by Interactive Spa

- 2006

-Commercial “Citrus Herbal Essente” P&G, director Paolo Calcagni, Agency Leo Burnett Beirut, shooting in location (Grottaferrata) and in stage (Cinecittà Studios). Production and service.

- TWO FAMILIES – Producer in association with Parallel Pictures. A Italy/UK co-production, director Romano Scavolini, starring Kaspar Zafer, Susie Amy, Richard Johnson and Franco Nero.

- IL SOLE NERO – Line producer – Produced by Edelweiss production (Italy) and UGC (France). Director Krzysztof Zanussi, starring Valeria Golino, Remo Girone, Toni Bertorelli and Kaspar Capparoni. Shooting in stage (Cinecittà Umbria Studios) and in location (Sicily). World distribution UGC International. Domestic distribution O1 RaiCinema.


- 2007

- L’AMORE PROIBITO – Line Producer – A tv-movie for Rai Italian Televesion, produced  by Cineteam, directed by Anna Negri, starring Adriano Giannini and Claudia Zanella.

-THE AFRICAN GAME – Line producer - TV-Movie for Rai produced by Dania Film. Director  Massimo Tarantini, starring Luca Ward, Bryony Afferson, Rachel Grant.  Location: Kenya.

- 2008

-BAKHITA – Line producer miniseries 2x100 produced  by Raifiction, director  Giacomo Campiotti, location Burkina Faso.

-LA SERA DELLA PRIMA  (art. 8) – line producer – Feature produced by Bloopers, director Loretta Cavallaro.

- 2009

-GANGOR – Produced by Mediterranea Productions and Nirvana Ent., directed by Italo Spinelli, location scout India.

-METALLICA MTV Playground Rome  - service – produced by Alex Solomons

- “DEMONIC TOYS 2” – Service e Production Supervisor – Director William Buttler –

Produced by Full Moon Features/Minerva Pictures Group (

- “SKULL HEADS” - Service e Production Supervisor – Director Charles Band

Produced by Full Moon Features/Minerva Pictures Group – (

- “CACAO”         Line producer – Director Luca Rea – starring Paolo Ruffini, Nicola Nocella, Giorgia Wurth, Dario Cassini, Chiara Francini – Produced by Sharada Film (

- “PERFECT LIFE” director Joseph Rusnak, production: Carousel Pictures/Moovision – starring: Jesse Bradford, Sienna Guillory - Line-producer -

- 2010

- TATANKASKATENATO – Director Giuseppe Gagliardi – Produced by Margherita Film – starring Rade Serbedija Clemente Russo Susanne Wolff – Producer supervisor German shooting

- QUATTRO STAGIONI – Produced by Litchblick for ARD Degeto – Director Manfred Seltzer - Service

- 2011

- “HOLY WATER” – directed by Tom Reeve – Italian Theatrical Distributor

- “Laboratori Idea”  doucumentary – Director and Producer for Presidency of the Council of Ministers

- “Roma è la nostra casa” tvc for City of Rome – Director/Producer

- 2012

- “Air Force One is down” directed by Cilla Ware – service Italy -

- 2013

- “Un angelo all’inferno” – TV Movie – Line producer -

- “Amori elementari” – Italy/Russia coproduction – Line Producer  -

- 2014

- “A year in Tuscany” – 16 episods miniseries for Russia-1 directed by Andry Selivanov – line producer

- “Margarita Nazarova” – 14 episods miniseries for Russia-1 directed by Konstantin Maximov – line producer

Francesco Papa is expert in Italian and EU movie finance subsidies, he gained an extensive experience in the United States. 

Francesco Papa speaks English, French and Spanish