Roberto Bessi

bessiBorn into a film-making family, Roberto’s career as a producer spans nearly four decades. He is a driving force behind the State Film School of Rome (Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia), which prepares young filmmakers. Roberto is widely respected for his filmmaking innovations, his creativity in resolving filming challenges, and his organizational and leadership skills.

He is the CEO of Empire Studios in Rome and teaches the business aspects of filmmaking at Tor Vegata University in Rome and the European School of Economics in London.

Roberto produced Modigliani (directed by Mile Davis, starring Andy Garcia), and A Good Woman (directed by Mike Baker, with Helen Hunt, Scarlet Johansson and Tom Wilkinson), and was line producer for Ladyhawk (directed by Richard Donner, starring Michelle Pfeiffer).

Recent Films:  Terzo Tempo (release in October 2013), Amori Elementari (post-production, release in December 2013), Mozzarella Stories (in post-production), Ten Winters (Dieci Inverni, 2009-2010; received 28 awards), Red Gold (2012 release), The Etruscan Mask (2007), Modigliani (2004, released in France), A Good Woman (2004) starring Helen Hunt and Scarlett Johansson. Roberto worked on the production of Ladyhawke (1985) starring Michele Pfeiffer, produced by Richard Donner.

Finding Happiness is Roberto’s first venture into the spiritual documentary genre. He was pleased to bring his vast experience to a film with an uplifting message for humanity, and to establish a relationship with Swami Kriyananda and further his personal quest as a truth seeker.