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Date: September 2022

Format: TV Series

Production companies: UFA FICTION
Director:Roland Suso Richter



Date: March 2022

Format: TV Series

Production companies: SHOWTIME
Director: Luise Friedberg



Date: June 2021

Format: TV Series

Production companies: UFA FICTION
Director: Roland Suso Richter

Date: October 2018 Format: Feature Film

Production companies: Mythic Production - Fairpoint Films - Pointmedia Italia
Director: Sean Cisterna

Location: Acerenza and Toronto
We are proud to announce that our last film production will premiere at Ferrara Film Festival (March 28th - April 5th)

Date: October 2018   Format: Feature Film

Production companies: Yash Raj Films
Director: Siddhart Anand

Location: Capri, Positano, Amalfi, Matera and Como

Date: July 2018   Format: Feature Film

Production companies: port au Prince Film - Pandora Filmproduktion
Director: Edward Berger

Location: Turin
Date: September 2017
Format: TV-movie

Production company: Saxonia Media (Germany)

Broadcast: ARD

Director: Matthias Stuerer

Location: Castellabate (Campania)
Date: August 2017

Format: Feature Film

Production company: Mezzanine Films (France)

Director: Arielle Dombasle

Location: Venice

Date: June 2017

Client: Dr. Oetker

Production company: Easy Hell Productions (Poland)

Lukasz Zadrzynski

Location: Civita di Bagnoregio - Rome

Date: April 2017 Format: Feature Film

Production company: Stemo Production
Director: Luca Biglione

Location: Rome and Reggio Emilia
Date: September 2016
Format: Feature Film

Production company: Nulook Production (Turkey)
Date: September 2016

Production company: Fatt Productions (Netherland)

Mike van Diem (Academy Award Winner)

Location: Matera, Ginosa, Ruvo di Puglia, Bari

Date: April 2016


Production companyAurelia Productions (Italy)

Broadcast: RAI

DirectorMaddalena De Panfilis

LocationRome and Tuscany

Starring: Giorgio Albertazzi and Dario Fo
March 4th, 2016 - Shooting of the Turkish blockbuster comedy “Cotton Prince” is set in Venice with the support of Italia Film Service.
January 21st, 2016 - For the second year the Flower Council of Holand chose Italia Film Service to shoot the new commercial for Valentine's day.
The "Command Cupido” land in a magnificent Rome to spread love.

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September 8th 2015 – Fox Turkey shoots in Rome and Nemi the succesful tv series “Kiraz Mevsimi”  (Cherry Season) directed by Eda Teksoz.
First time for a Turkish production in Italy.
IFS is in charge of the production services.

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August 27th 2015 - Cinefattoria produces the docu-fiction “The Einstein Sisters” directed by Friedmann Fromm with the support of IFS. Hours before they retreated from Florence, the Nazis declared one last lethal goal; to wipe out the relatives of Albert Einstein. His Grand-Nieces Lorenza and Paola survived the massacre. Now they tell their story for the first time.

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January 18th, 2015 - Italia Film Service supports the shooting in Verona of the tvc "Cupidrone". 

Client: Flower Council of Holland

Director: Edwin Nikkels
Agency: Kingsday
Production Company: Back2Back Productions
Executive Producer: Daan Starrenburg
With the support of Comune di Verona - Settore Cultura - Verona Film Commission
February 11th, 2015. "The Voice and The Diva" is shot in Rome.

The film tells the legendary story of how Frank Sinatra met and fell in love with Ava Gardner. Rome, 1952, was the setting for their explosive romance during the filming of The Barefoot Contessa

Directed by Michael Oblowitz, Rico Simonini plays the inimitable crooner known as Ol’ Blue Eyes with Emily Elicia Low as the glamourous, seductive Ava. The international cast includes Eric Roberts

The Voice and The Diva is produced by Rico Simonini with Minus Zero Film in collaboration with Italia Film Service and will be submitted to several international film festivals.
October 28th, 2014.  Start principal photography of the television series "Margarita Nazarova" directed by Konstantin Maximov, produced by Oda Film Moscow, protagonists Olga Pogodina, Andrey Chernishov and Paolo Conticini. Shooting starts in Crotone in Calabria (the southern toe of Italy),  then continues in Rome and Trieste for 20 days.

Italia Film Service is in charge of all aspects of the production.
April 23th, 2014. Start filming the television series "A Year in Tuscany" directed by Andrey Selivanov, produced by Russkoe of Moscow, starring Ekaterina Kuznezova, Michail Pshenichny and Natalia Bardo. Shooting is scheduled for 30 days in Rome, Pienza, Montpulciano, Montisi and Trequanda, in the most beautiful places of the Val d'Orcia in Tuscany. Italia Film Service is coordinating the shoot including all logistics, locations and production services.

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