According to your needs, there are multiple opportunities for significant contributions to your production budget if  you decide to shoot your film in whole or in part in Italy.

Perhaps this necessity is dictated by the story-line itself, or perhaps you simply have a script that can have multiple locations, and, naturally, you are trying to understand where a shoot would be most convenient for you in financial terms.

Our interest is to help you settle on Italy, and, for starters, all our advice comes absolutely free, whether in the end you decide to work with us or otherwise.  What is there to lose?

Here is an overview of the options available. And, oh, please do remember that planning ahead is crucial to maximising benefits!

LOCATION SCOUTING - On receipt of your script or storyboard our team will offer you pictures of the best options available for each of the locations at no cost to you. (If the need arises, we would embark on a scout to obtain the relevant pictures at no cost to you. The pictures would be uploaded on a website for your perusal)

BUDGET - We provide you with a detailed budget on moviemagic based on your script with no hidden surprises. We offer very competitive rates and agree on a figure that both parties are comfortable working with. The budgets are prepared by a competent line producer and production accountant to offer you the best deal.

PERMISSION – No general permission is needed in Italy. In case of crew visas, we will provide letters for the Italian embassy or consulate of your country to obtain the documents. We secure permissions for all selected locations with necessary legal documentation.

CREW - We provide professional and high-experienced crew members for all departments. We value the importance of every crew member in our team effort to deliver on schedule and within budget.

TECHNICAL EQUIPMENT - We will source the necessary filming equipment as per your DOP’s requirements. We will also take care of any temporary importation of equipment from your country.

STAGE – Our privileged relationships with Cinecittà Studios, provide the best solutions for your projects, combining outdoor shooting, with those in sound stage.

CASTING - We can find the best actors for the roles you need. Our knowledge in the field is great, with personal contacts at the highest level.

POST-PRODUCTION – We have great experiences in supervising all post-production, from laboratories through music, visual effects and CGI.

COSTUMES - In Italy there are some of the most prestigious costume workshops. We are in a special partnership with ANNAMODE COSTUMES (

TRANSPORT AND LOGISTICAL SUPPORT – We seek the best solutions to ensure the highest savings.


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